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Special Fridge Magnets for Any Purpose!

Fridge magnets for promotional purposes in a campaign or for merchandise at a concert can be produced according to your needs. Use your own special designed photo magnets for any purpose! In a political election, distribute them to your voters or in a concert sell them to your fans.

One Of The Best Ways To Advertise

Having your own line of gifts is one of the best advertisement actions if you have an otel or a vacation spot to have in your gift shop. Your guests will be happy to take the holiday and your beautiful resort to their home!

Fridge Magnet – A Cheap and Useful Gift

Our high quality fridge magnets will be a great gift or promotional material for any special need. You can provide your own photographs and make sure that these photo magnets will only be produced for you. Also you can select between our 3 different shapes or have a mixture of all!

Please contact us for any questions and your orders!

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