Size and Shape Options of your Fridge Magnet Gift

Please check below to see the sizes visually. Our products are tin magnets, also called iron sheet magnets. Our magnet layers are Glossy + Printing paper + Tin Plate (iron sheet,metal) + Paper board + 1,1 mm Magnet

Rectangular Fridge Magnet: 80 mm x 53 mm (3.15 in x 2.09 in)
venezia-panaromic-fridge-magnetPanoramic Fridge Magnet: 115 mm x 37 mm (4.52 in x 1.45 in)


Fridge Magnet Catalogue

You can select 8 pictures or more depending on your order amount from our catalogue or you can send us your photographs for best quality and best price photo magnet gifts.

Producing Process

fridge-magnet-layers fridge-magnet-printed-papers photo-magnet-printed-papers
fridge-magnet-production fridge-magnet-acetate fridge-magnet-press
photo-magnet-finishing fridge-magnet-cardbox-view fridge-magnet-sticking
photo-magnet-process fridge-magnet-finishing finished-fridge-magnet
finished-photo-magnet fridge-magnet-packing photo-magnet-packing
photo-magnet-vacuum vacumm-machine magnet-souvenir-vacuum
photo-magnets-vacuum fridge-magnet-vacuuming fridge-magnets-cardbox
closing-cardbox cardbox-stickering finished-fridge-magnets-cardbox
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